World Book Day 2016

whiffybookThis year on world book day I took all my Whiffy Wilson books and my largest pencils to Foxcubs day nursery in Cheltenham .
My dear friend Helen Pollard , who owns and runs the nursery had asked me to visit, as the Whiffy Wilson Books were going down a treat with her 3 and 4 yr old’s.
I have met some pretty keen Whiffy fans the past, but boy ! this lot took it to whole a new level ! Whiffy Wilson is brilliant for this age group , its so wonderful to hear the children talk about him as if he was their best friend. We did some stinky drawings and read from mine and Caryl’s latest book ‘Whiffy Wilson the wolf who wouldn’t go to bed’. Of course Whiffy being Whiffy does have a few other ideas about bedtime but he does go to bed in the end ….PHEW !
Huge thanks to Helen and her team at Foxcubs for organising the morning, and Dean for the photos . world book day2

This is a picture of me, trying to remember how to draw Whiffy’s dungarees !

world book day